Slippi Stats Web is a web application to visualize data from Slippi replay game files (.slp) through various kind of charts. You can check your winrate with and/or against any character, on any stage, etc. You can also track your evolution through time for a specific matchup.


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A game ending with LRAStart is accounted as a Tie, and thus not accounted for in all the winrates charts. In Unranked mode, it is not possible to find out if a LRAStart if a win or a loss, as people can quit because they give up, or because they are sure to win (eg star KO, strong hit landed at high %).


As game continues after disconnection, .slp file is written as regular games, and will be processed as a win/loss, or as a LRAStart if you quit. You can remove those games manually using the Manage Data > View/Edit page, or deleting the .slp file before import.

Unique Player

If you choose "Unique opponent" filter, data will be aggregated by distinct players' code and character, on any period of time. This means that there is one piece of data for each player you encountered and character they played.
The result of this set is computed by these rules: Please note that winrate is calculated by only accounting wins and losses, not ties.